Wedding Dresses
Custom Care Dry Cleaning

Premium Care for Wedding Attires

We understand that your wedding dress is one of your most precious and prized possessions, and it deserves to be treated with that extra dose of care and respect! Whether you are borrowing it or buying it new, the cleaning experts at Custom Care Dry Cleaning ensure your wedding gown stays flawless before, during, and after your wedding.

Nationally- Renowned Service

Our wedding gown specialists are licensed to use the safest and most effective methods ever developed to preserve and restore all heirloom fabrics, such as family gowns, linens, quilts, and doll clothes.

A blind test of our nationally-renowned gown preservation services conducted by National Bridal Service proved that our preservation was cleanest, provided the safest packaging environment, and offered the most comprehensive guarantee.

Custom Care Dry Cleaning
Custom Care Dry Cleaning

Retaining the Charm

Trust our team with your wedding gown to offer it the individual care and attention it deserves.

Our specialists clean and preserve your gown with meticulous attention to its design. Based on the material type, we appropriate the cleaning process and solvents to retain its color, texture, and charm.

We do the inspection, check for damaged threads, and detect stains and blemishes. We preserve and pack with care in a way to make it future-ready.