Wet Cleaning Or Dry Cleaning

With so many professional cleaning processes available today, dry cleaning, wet cleaning, to laundry and wash and fold, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. Which cleaning process is the best? How do I decide which one to use? What are the major differences? Well, you’re in luck. Today we are going to walk you through the major differences between wet cleaning and dry cleaning so the next time you get your clothes professionally cleaned, you’ll be well-informed and worry-free.

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is very similar to the laundry you do at home. It uses water, detergents, soaps and bleaches, rather than chemical solvents. The only difference is that the professional wet cleaners, like Custom Care Dry Cleaning , can artfully clean clothes that are too delicate to put in your washing machine at home.

Benefits of Wet Cleaning:

Most natural way to clean, which means it’s gentler on fabrics and therefore, extends their life.
More effective and gentler than hand washing at home.
Safely cleans wool, silks, cashmere, linens and other delicate fabrics.
Uses water and mild, biodegradable detergents instead of chemicals. This makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin.
More energy efficient and produces no toxic waste or air pollution.
Doesn’t cause clothes to fade, making colors brighter, softer and more vibrant.
Leaves a fresh clean scent and no chemical orders.
Removes tough organic stains like sweat, mildew, urine, etc. better than dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

Unlike the name suggests, dry cleaning does not refer to a “dry method” of cleaning clothes. Instead, it means that professional dry cleaners use a liquid solvent instead of water. They immerse them in a liquid solvent that doesn’t penetrate the fabric. This prevents the shrinking and swelling that can occur when clothes are cleaned and saturated with water.
Some professional dry cleaners use perchloroethylene, or PERC, to dry clean your clothes. Since these chemicals are harmful to the environment, Custom Care Dry Cleaning in Tallahassee and other dry cleaners, have shifted to environmentally-friendly solvents, such as liquefied carbon, Hydro Carbon, dioxide, and Eco-Green machines.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning:

Protects brightness and color of your garments due to the absence of water.
Dissolves grease and oil stains better than water-based cleaning methods like wet cleaning.
Preserves natural fibers such as silk and wool.
Retains your garments’ original texture, finish and sheen.
So, now that you know the differences, which cleaning method should you use? The answer is, it depends.
The best cleaning process for your clothes depends on several factors: the type of fabric, the origin of the stain and your personal preferences. If you’re not sure which process to use, a well-trained expert can assess your garment and recommend the best and most effective cleaning method. A professional dry or wet cleaner, Custom Care Dry Cleaning , will not only help you determine the best cleaning process to use, but also offers several other distinct advantages

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